About Our School Chaplain

Dave Edgren






Our Chaplain: Dave Edgren

Dave has been a chaplain in schools around Melbourne and Hobart for many years. He started at our school second term of 2015 as is with us on Tuesday and Thursday each week.

Dave likes to help kids achieve their full potential. He does this by chatting with them individually and in small groups about life skills, respect for others, emotional wellbeing and much more. Some students enjoy playing a game or drawing a picture while they talk to Dave.

Dave also spends time reading to the younger kids in their classrooms. He is passionate about literacy because the ability to read is the gateway to a great life! Dave has also written books for kids.

The rest of Dave’s day at Dorset Primary School is spent on the playground during recess and lunch as he gives high-fives to kids and listens to their stories.

Don’t forget to check the staffroom each Tuesday and Thursday as Dave often brings free Bakers Delight bread for staff and parents.

Dave is also available to talk to parents and staff members as they have need.